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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


4 day’s before the PWA Worlcup Sylt would start , I phoned Mikey Clancy up if he was down for a short introduction trainings session in Denmark. He straight said yes and the next morning he catch his flyed up to Hamburg.

That same morning I step in my Van what I already got for 12 years, it just had the full check up and so was ready for a road trip.
Some where in Hannover I catch owe off my scariest adventures.
I was driving on the 3th left lane with 120 speed when my right back tire exploded, with some skills I mannish to get the car to the flight strip.
In the shaking conditions I put my engine out and step out off my car, here I saw that I would not get it fixed because I was standing with one side off the car in the ditch. Than I heard another big bang, my cooling system exploded because I didn’t let the ignition key on. Now I was getting really nerves as the truck ‘s were passing me with 100km and 30 cm distance. I didn’t brought any tools with so there I was standing.
Breathe in and out!!!!!
I fixed the cooling tube by tighten it up with a knife, than refill the cooling water, drove the car on the rim a bit father onto a more straight place, there I changed the tire, still I was scary like hell because the truck ‘s could blow my car/jack side ways. I Manish to fix it and drove off the high way where I saw a M Donald’s logo, so I thought, go there and fix the car and catch a meall. While driving there I saw a garage and asked the guy if I could use there tools, that was okay Wow that was a nice one. Took me 2 hours to refill and fixing it all as my cooling propeller didn’t work either anymore , fix that to.
Back on the road and many hours later, mane while Mikey was sitting their on the airport as a clown enjoying the people with his 4 off gigantic bags.

I was happy that Mikey liked my car as it has his character. With the heater on warm for extra cooling we continue or road. Around 1 in the night we stopped in forest were we felt a sleep.

Next morning drove the last 2,5 hours up to Klitt and dropped the gear what we didn’t needed.
We catch a small session on Old Macdonalds where the waves picked up fast. That was a good training for Sylt.
Than we drove up to Hanstholm where we continue or sailing all the way to the evening.
In the evening I was on the wave 360 mission and Manish on die end to making one full carved all the way back in the wave. Mikey self was carving the wave up. Stoked we felt a sleep.

Next morning we made or self a good breakfast with or Dutch neighbours and went out for a session off 2.5 hours. Here I scored my best ever ride. I made a backside smooth 360 straight into front side top turn, than went down and catch the lip for a nice aireal. Wow that was it, stoked like hell..

At 2.30 we repacked everything and drove down to Sylt were we arrived at 9 in the evening.

Here we went into a waiting period off a few days before we could go for a wave session again.
It was still pretty warm till middle of the week when a fat Low came over from the north west.

Thurstday 6 o’clock went my alarm, oehff that was a toff one. Tuned my gear and went out for a halve hour with 4.7 and my 93 twin, that felt all good. Not to much wind ass I’m not the best on starboard tack.
In the second heat one before mine the wind picked up as a fat cloud came over. As soon my heat started the wind died in the shorth break and so I had troubles to get out. I stayed calm and tried it again, this time I came trough. One the moment I went trought the break I saw him doing a backloop so I catch my wave and done it too, straight after catch my first wave. Again I had troubles to get out but I did, I made a up wind tack and decided to stay outside of the shorth break as I only had 3 min left. I was looking for a second jump but couldn’t find it, went all the way out were I scored a nice push loop, I came in and made in the last 30 sec my second needed wave ride.

The win was for F400 as they didn’t score my push loop because they found the jump too much out off the sailing area, if they did I would wone.. Arggg.

Back on standby for one day as the wind would come back big time in the weekend.

"Done what i had to do"

Saterday morning I woke up at 6.30, done my morning tune session and went in a standby motion till my heat against Polakow him self.

Last Year I lost in the second round really close against him, so I had a revenge on him.

The cool part that I had to sail against him was that he was/ is one of the main hero’s back in the day, as his style was more than radical and fluent.

In the begin of the heat I was kind off struggle to find any good jump’s, slowly I mannish to do a Tweakted Push and a Backloop okay height one handed.
Than I made a nice backside to front to back to front side wave ride. There was one minute left I only needed one more wave, I was struggling to get out again but I mannish, with 25 second’s left on my watch I catch a nice wave up, what tuned into a nice 2m hollow wave and made a tweaked aerial shoved above the break and landed nice again back in front off the wave made another backside, that was it.
I went up to the judge tower were after while waiting received my best ever fictory.
I was not only winning of the rider Polakow but also the Name and next to that I also won against my self, because that’s was my main problem. In The Pocket!!!!

Up to heat two,
there I med my friend Mikey Clancy.

He was sailing well but I guess I was in the zone, so I won that heat too.

Than Ricardo came on my road, Mister Triple men him self.

The wind picked up to a nice 4.1 Swell size, twin 86.
I started my heat a bit to sharp as I made a big backloop in front off the horn, what I didn’t know..
Than I went for pretty big tweaked push but I guess it was a bit to big as I was getting shake off my gear when I landed that….
Made some good wave riding, but as the wind picked up the waves did too, so the beach break was getting pretty high 3m at leached. On my second wave in the front side turn I was getting pretty gnarly washed, with sand in my ear’s I took off again and found a nice ramp for a Double and I made it, my first ever okay double in a heat. Stoked.
That was that, at the judge tower I hear that the call was for Ricardo, but it was a close call..

17th place Sylt 2009 and 24th place overall my best result till now.

All wavey pica's are from JC of the PWA

See you Guy’s out there,

The Lamp

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Biografie Martin ten Hoeve

Biografie Martin ten Hoeve
Picture a sunny day in 1988, a seventies windsurfboard, a red old fashioned triangle sail and a little eastern breeze at the beach of Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands...the ideal ingredients to learn windsurfing!

That’s how it all started for me. Every Summer me and my family spent our holidays at the beach where we have a little caravan. My friends and I started windsurfing and my passion was born! In those years my nickname was Flow: all the other windsurfers couldn’t surf with just a little breeze while I ‘ cause of my age and weight was flowing around the water like a mad man! At a certain moment I realized that I wanted to make more out of windsurfing than just a hobby. So when I turned 16 I bought a motorbike so I could go surfing whenever I wanted in Wijk aan Zee, a kick ass surfspot just 15 km away from home.

In the Winter 2000/2001 I made my first surftrip to South Africa, I stayed there for three months. Because of the fantastic weather conditions; steady wind all the time my surfskills grew very much. Nowadays I make this trip every year, I work as a furniture specialist to finance the trips.

In the Summer of 2003 my first sponsor deal came along with Van Someren Consultancy, an enterprise that’s specialized in groundwater research.
In the same year I started to enter big surfing competitions, my first victory was in 2004: I won the Naish Wave Challenge that was held in my favourite homespot with my dearest friends and family to support me. I was one of the only amateurs that entered the competition, so it was quite an achievement.

During Wintertime I went to South Africa again to improve my skills and to get ready for the competition season in Summer of 2005.
My first Worldcup competition was in May in Pozo (Gran Canaria) in Spain. Because of my good results I was about to get a wildcard to enter the main event. When I finally got to Pozo after a tiring trip the organisation told me that the only way to get a wildcard was by winning the pre rounds. So I entered the pre rounds and I won! I entered the main event and was very impressed by the level the surfers had. Also I was amazed by the fact that I could surf along with those professionals without being a lot less than them.

2006 was a exciting year where I came 25de during the PWA event in Pozo Gran Ganaria. Later that year I became vice champion by beating Peter Volwater in the final off the Dutch Champion ships, due to my overall impression and strong jumping skills that charmed the jury at that time.

In 2007 new sponsor deals came up and I signed a contract by Fanatic and North Sails.
I worked hard to improve my skills but most important I wanted to learn to be a good overall sailor. I got the change to enter the slalom discipline at world cup events.
I performed pretty well and I did like it, although I never felt like this was my cup of tea.

I decided to put full attention and focus on the Wave that made my heart beat faster. I wanted to improve my surfing skills, prepare mentally and put more effort into training.

In 2009 everything came together and fell in the right place. I was invited to the PWA competition in Cape Verde in Western Africa to surf with the world top 32 wave sailors.
Later that year I beat Jason Polakow in a heat on the famous windsurf Island Sylt in Germany. I felt super strong and I achieved the 17th Place.

2010 Really started off well by signing a sponsor deal with Mistral boards and Aeron booms. Together with the sponsors that I could rely on for many years I feel very confident to perform well in competitions and find the well known flow again.

Face your fears life your dreams.

The Lamp